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About the Developer

North Central Village is a development of The Courtland Group.

The Courtland Group


Courtland Group founder Jeffrey Nash began his first downtown Knoxville redevelopment projects with nearly two decades of experience reclaiming historic warehouses and factories and converting them into residential homes in East London UK. Jeffrey understood the value of restoring those structures that provide the charm and character of neighborhoods and saw the potential of downtown Knoxville..

The Courtland Group's first Knoxville project, the Old Knoxville Business College now known as Keystone Place was where The Courtland Group learnt about redevelopment guidelines and practices in the area. Subsequent historic renovation projects include; Sandstone Court, an upscale penthouse condominium development with commercial space occupied by an architect; The Crown & Goose Gastro Pub in the Old City and North Central Village, condominiums in a restored 1930's structure.

The Courtland Group retains offices in Knoxville and London and partners with like-minded architects and builders to uncover and restore those cities' hidden treasures that will leave their mark for years to come.

North Central Village | 912 N. Central St | Knoxville, TN 37917
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